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There is no explicit or implied warranty that the features described will be developed or released. The function described must not be used. The product may no longer exist

The guidance documents published on this website, including but not limited to descriptive working papers, are for public information only and are not binding. As this work is ongoing, some parts will either be lost or will be revised and the content will be updated gradually without notice.

Not an investment

JBL tokens and BOB are virtual game currencies. The game is not an investment opportunity and should not be treated like this.

Not an investment, security, or swap. Game items and tokens do not have any express or implied rights, purposes, purposes, attributes, features or features, including but not limited to any purpose, purpose or attribute. Game assets may be worthless. 

Related risks

The product may contain vulnerabilities and serious security vulnerabilities that may result in the loss of game assets or their hidden value. All currency transferred to the game smart contract may be lost. The product developer is not responsible for any monetary, profit or any other loss resulting from the use of the product.

All transactions on the blockchain are final and refunds, compensation or reimbursements are not possible.

Junior Baseball League has made every effort to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the data on this website. However, Junior Baseball League does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this data. Junior Baseball League is not liable for any financial or other loss (whether tort or contract or otherwise) arising from reliance on all or part of the content of this website or from reliance on such information or advice.
This website may be subject to interference, the transmission of information may be delayed, suspended or interrupted, or attacked by hackers, and data may be incorrect in the process of transmission. Given that the Internet is not a fully reliable communications facility, these risks are beyond the control of Junior Baseball League. In addition, incorrect or delayed receipt and transmission of orders and other information may result in the execution of orders being executed or delayed, and/or the transaction price is different from the price at which the order was placed. We are not liable for any damages that could be caused by a hacking breach that is irreparable.


Unless expressly permitted by law, the prior consent of the rights holder is required for each form of use, reproduction or processing of copyrighted works on our web pages. Personal reproduction of the work is permitted for private use only. The material on these pages is copyrighted and any unauthorized use may violate copyright law.


If you contact us via email or Twitter, the data you provide will be used to process your request. We must have this data in order to process and answer your inquiry: otherwise, we will not be able to answer it completely or fundamentally. Once we have fully responded to your inquiry and have no further legal obligation to store your data, such as the resulting order or contract, your data will be deleted.

Changes to this privacy policy

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